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2009Joy Fox
Studio Page

Alluding to distant cultures while firmly rooted in the artistic present, the ceramic sculptures by Arizona artist Joy Fox resonate with timelessness and spirituality. The ancient overtones of her fragmented totemic forms are enlivened by the patterning of subtle glazes and oxides, incising and textures, and the juxtaposition of disparate shapes. Fox works from a light-filled studio, once the workshop of Arizona’s first dude ranch, that since the early 1960s has been the noted artist community, Rancho Linda Vista, in Oracle, Arizona. Filled with tools (including the original vice and anvil from the early days of the workshop), collected natural and human-made objects, and multiple works in progress on large wooden benches, this studio bears the history of over forty years of Fox’s dedication to her art. Her charmed desert life of home, garden, family, and travel has nurtured her intuitive artistic nature as much as years of training and experimentation have informed her creative product.